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NPC Inbox: Rage

[Rage's strong and clear voice is almost bored, like this whole ordeal is an afterthought to her.]

State your business.
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[Rage may not be Rey's favorite god in Hadriel -- she doesn't exactly have a favorite god, to be honest -- but she is woefully the one most suited for this request:]

could use your help.
would it be possible for you to replicate ingredients to put together chemical weapons? not enough to be lethal, but enough to incapacitate someone without killing them.
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back home chemical weapons were often used for crowd control. some are made to cause blindness, nausea, or hallucinatory effects.

the reason is because there are some people here who can't die. since we have no way of disrupting their immortality, something that can be used to either incapacitate or give them a bad time would be useful to have in the event that one of them tries to stir shit up again. even the playing field so to speak.